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Compound Microscopes

EXC-500-With-Camera-smThe EXC-500 Series for clinical laboratory and research applications.  Highly modular, and can be outfitted with Semi-Plan Apo objectives, fluorescence, phase contrast and darkfield.

EXC-400-TE_Resized2The EXC-400 Series is designed for the clinical laboratory and is an excellent choice for microbiology, cytology, dermatology, pathology and similar applications.

EXC-350-150x150The EXC-350 Series, with a newly designed LED illumination system for brighter and sharper images..  Modular design can be outfitted for fluorescence, phase contrast and darkfield. 

3012-microscope-150x150The 3012 Series is an excellent choice for veterinary laboratories and upper-level university laboratories.

3000-led-150x150The 3000-LED Series provides superb optical performance with high contrast images and outstandng resolution.  This microscope has a  super-bright 3 Watt LED illuminator, making it an excellent instrument for life science professionals, veterinarians and clinical laboratorians.

EXC-120-150x150The EXC-120 Series is an affordable choice for medical, veterinary and teaching applications.





Inverted Microscope


EXI-310-150x150The EXI-310 is compact for more efficient use in cell culture situations, fitting easily into a culture hood.  Options include plan, plan phase and plan phase fluor objectives, as well as LED, metal halide and mercury illumination for fluorescence.

exi-310-fl-2500x2500_1_ResizedThe EXI-310 is modular and can be configured for brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence.







3075-150x1503075 Series 6.7x-45x Zoom.  Excellent depth of field and resolution.  Trinocular versions are available, as well as several stands.

3078-HDR-Zoom3078-HDR Series 8.0x-35x Zoom.  Integrated 5 MP CMOS HD camera, built-in LED transmitted and reflected light illuminators.

3078-150x1503078 Series 8.0x-35x Zoom.  Trinocular versions available, and multiple options for stands, including incident/transmitted LED, pole, boom, ball bearing boom and flex arm stands.

3072-150x1503072 Fixed Magnification. Available in 1x/2x, 1x/3x and 2x/4x combinations for 10x/20x, 10x/30x and 20x/40x magnification with 10x eyepieces.  15x and 20x eyepieces also available, as well as various magnification auxiliary objectives. 

EXS-210-150x150EXS-210 Fixed Magnification.  Entry level student stereomicroscope with rotatable turret providing either 2-step or 3-step magnification ranges.  Available in 1x/2x, 1x/3x, 2x/4x, 1x/2x/3x and 1x/2x/4x versions.

3052-LED_ResizedThe 3052 is a rugged, dual-magnification stereomicroscope with 1x and 3x objectives.  Both epi- and transmitted light are LED based and can be operated separately or simultaneously





Monocular Student Compound Microscopes


3080-150x1503080 Monocular Series.  Rugged construction, designed for many years of student use.  360° rotatable monocular head.  Locked-in 10x WF eyepiece with pointer. Achromat 4x, 10x and 40x (retractable) objectives.  Cast alloy aluminum stand with built-in cord hanger; 7 Watt fluorescent illuminator.

EXM-150-150x150EXM-150 Monocular Series.  Excellent choice for high schools, middle schools and home schooling.  locked-in eyepiece and 4x, 10x and 40x (retractable) objectives.  Model EXM-151 adds a 100x (retractable) oil immersion objective to the configuration.  LED Illumination with rechargeable batteries, so microscope can be operated either corded or non-corded (3-4 hours operation on a single charge.)  Optional mechanical stage with slide holder; optional dual inclined or inclined/vertical teaching head.  Integrated carrying handle.







ScopeLED-F Series150x150ScopeLED F-Series. LED-based fluorescence illuminator   Replaces conventional arc lamp with 1, 2, 3 or 4 fixed wavelength LED modules that utilize a high performance dense LED array system.  Can be installed on most microscopes, including Accu-Scope®, Nikon®, Olympus®, Zeiss®, Leica®, Unitron®, Motic® and many others.

Metal Halide-75-460x460Direct Mount Metal Halide Illuminator mounts directly to your microscope’s fluorescence module.  Pre-aligned lamp; no alignment necessary.  Lifetime of metal halide bulb is approximately 1500 hours (about seven times the lifetime of an HBO bulb.  Fully self- contained, no fiber optic cables or liquid light guides required.  Can be installed on most microscopes, including Accu-Scope®, Nikon®, Olympus®, Zeiss®, Leica®, Unitron®, Motic® and many others.





Digital Cameras


INFINITY-150x150Lumenera®   INFINITY CCD and CMOS cameras, from 1.3 to 32 Megapixel  resolution, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and HD cameras for every imaging application.  Also available are Lumenera’s  extended warranties, free loaner camera programs and advanced features software.

micrometrics-150x150Micrometrics®   CMOS cameras for brightfield microscopy and defect analysis applications.  Included software for image capture, measurement and annotation.

AU-200-HD-150x150AU-600-HDS-BLACKHD Cameras  True 1080p, 16:9 high definition imaging with frame rates up to 60fps.  Included are models which can be operated either as stand-alone units with mouse control for image capture or computer control via USB 2.0.  HDMI output can be sent to an HD monitor or projector for outstanding images for teaching or multiple viewer situations.

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