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We are independent agents serving educational, research, clinical and industrial customers.  Since 2004 we have sold and serviced instruments and systems for microscopy, digital imaging, measurement and analysis.  Our territory is the Desert Southwest, including the state of Arizona (including Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff and Yuma), southern New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada and southern California, including San Diego and North County.

As independent agents, we bring several advantages to the table:

  • We have strong customer and community ties.
    Most independent agents are long-term residents of their geographic areas, and in that time they have developed strong ties in their communities and their territories. The average factory-direct salesperson holds a position for two years or less before being promoted, transferred, fired or hired away by a competitor.¬ ¬ Independent agents are in business for the long haul, with lifelong commitments to their areas and their customers.
  • You get a consultant in your stable -- for free!
    It is common for an independent agent to have 20-25 years of successful corporate experience under his or her belt, and we make considerable personal investments in time and money to stay current with the latest developments in instrumentation, technology and market trends.
    We love to share this information with our customers!  You should consider us as product consultants and feel free to ask lots of questions.
  • We sell systems, not just instruments.
    Most of us sell cross-compatible packages of instrumentation, and we tend to be systems oriented rather than single-product-oriented.  Wre better equipped to solve your problems and to show you new possibilities and opportunities.
  • We’re motivated to perform.
    Whatever you call us independent sales reps, independent agents, manufacturers’ representatives or brokers, we have strong motivations to sell and to perform.  We work primarily on commission and pay all of our own expenses in return for agreements to be agents of the manufacturers and dealers we represent.  No sales, no paycheck!
  • We’re your Quick Response TeamÄĚ.
    We are independent businesspeople and small business owners, and we live every day with a fact of life that sometimes escapes larger organizations: Failing to respond in a timely fashion can instantly kill a relationship that may have taken years to cultivate, and very few of us can afford that!  Our goal is to respond to all requests in 24 hours or less.
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